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Posted on July 9, 2012 by admin

In The Midlands, Birmingham, Carlisle on 9 July, 2012

The giant cycle took another lazy turn, with 7 hours spent on trains.

Machynlleth to Wolverhampton: returning young festival goers, given shower caps to wear on their muddy shoes by the train company.

Wolverhampton to Carlisle: old people having trouble remembering where their bags are, seeing where their bags are, or indeed seeing where the doors are.

Carlisle to Dumfries: Commuters commuting.

The start of Robert the Bruce’s revolution in Dumfries for an independent Scotland spurred Edward I to come and invade. While the King of the Scot’s started in Dumfries, the last Welsh Prince of Wales, Owain Glyndwr, founded his parliament in Machynlleth! It seems as well as Giant hunting, I’m also following an historic trail in the stories of the home nations, and the continuing process of devolution and independence! How political.

Tomorrow sees my first cycle ‘in anger’, where distance actually needs to be covered to arrive at a destination, from Dumfries to New Galloway. The third biosphere looms!

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