Highland Giants

Video of Giants in the Forest at Nethy Bridge

Setting Up the Gaint Heads on a beautiful day in the Cairngorm National Park Scotland.

April 28, 2013

Environmental Art Workshops

Join Melanie Clouston, the Explore Abernethy ranger, and Ian Halket, an environmental artist, in some environmental art workshops. …Continue Reading

April 21, 2013

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Giant Pictures

We had 3 fabulous events yesterday for Giants in the Forest, the first and second events consisted of …Continue Reading

April 16, 2013

Giants in the Forest in Nethy Bridge

We are excited to say we will be holding our first event on Monday 15th April, our local …Continue Reading

April 11, 2013

What is the Giants in the Forest project?

Symon Macintyre, Company Director at Vision Mechanics, talks about the Giants in the Forest Project.

March 21, 2012