Mull Giants
Mickey exploring alternative viewpoints

Take One. Action!

Posted on May 15, 2012 by mull

I have just returned from Calgary Art in nature where Alasdair Satchel was leading a group from the Salen Resource Centre in their first ever taste of film-making. The weather was kind to us and the three giants welcomed us to the woods.


Mickey, Kirsty, Heather and Joyce got to grips with handling a film camera, taking sound recordings, framing shots, and thinking about scale, movement and much more all on day one!  Not to mention the challenging terrain for some of the group, which was easily overcome with their immense enthusiasm for the project.


The group will be returning to the woods next week to develop their ideas and begin to make their film.


Here’s what they thought of the giants:




They are afraid of us.

They are guardians of the forest.



And they might be called





Forrest Gump


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