Bowhill Giants
Bowhill 89

Yarrow Primary Schools Planting Experience

Posted on May 23, 2012 by caroline

The primary pupils walk through the park and come across giant willow structures lying in the woodland. Symon Macintyre, Artistic director of Vision Mechanics – the company behind the project, gathers the pupils and explains to them about their role in planting the heads with strawberry plants. The first job of the day is to send everybody off to collect lichen covered spriggy sticks!

The twig pile grew and grew!
And soon it was time to get planting.

The head construction contained small hollows built into its willow design, perfect for making small felt lined moss nests to house the little seedlings.

Gradually the head became an organic art work and the children became involved in not just the mechanics of planting successfully but making artistic decisions on how their sculpture was evolving.

The children soaked the moss in buckets of water and carefully arranged it around their planting and over the sculpture. They then took bendy sapling branches to weave into the framework and finally the lichen clad spriggy branches adding their own architectural spin to the construction and gradually giving the head a ‘character’ all of its own.

Fun and Games followed as the children enjoyed active play around the site.

Well done to Yarrow Primary School Pupils on their outdoor adventure day with the Giants in the Forest.

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