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A giant story. A giant ambition

Posted on July 19, 2012 by devon

As we three look out over the River Torridge we think about where that river is born and the silver veins of water that feed its rushing flow. Its catchment area supports not just the river, but 35% of the UK’s remaining Culm grassland, 120 rare plants and animals and important populations of two of Europe’s most threatened species – the marsh fritillary butterfly and the freshwater Pearl Mussel.

From our leafy eyries we can see all these things but we also know just how much this catchment area is in need of restoration. We can see how the river has risen and fallen as a result of the rains, flooding the land and inundating some homes. We see how it has deprived the land and its farmers of precious soil and nutrients by carrying them to the sea.

As well as looking we listen, and we have heard about a new Nature Improvement Area project in the Torridge Catchment organised through the North Devon Biosphere Partnership. It is working with landowners and communities to recreate, rejuvenate and connect habitats, and to restore kilometres of water courses. This is a giant ambition and a giant, yet true story.

We want to see and hear what you think is wonderful about this wonderful catchment

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