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Giants In The Forest 22

Hello Everybody

Posted on March 21, 2012 by admin


We had a great few days planting the heads up in the SNH Moine Mhor forest with students from Lochgilphead Joint Campus. All the groups that took part went for a walk through the woods with Patsy Dyer a great botanist and storyteller. After hearing some mythical tales about the area, including one about heads being hung in the forest by a troll, the groups were sent off into the forest to forage for  fallen branches with lichens and mosses to decorate the heads with.

Once the groups returned with their lungworts and old man’s beard lichen among other exciting species we started to plant and decorate the heads with a selection of woodland species, for example, wood sorrel, wood rush and foxgloves. The heads were then rigged up by a local tree surgeon with an enthusiastic audience of the planters.

We look forward to seeing the heads change and grow so please post up a photo so that we can see whats happening to them, thanks!


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