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Felting Fun with Amy Neville

Posted on July 3, 2012 by kilmartin

Amy Neville at Lochgilphead Joint Campus

   Butterflies, bugs and beasties invaded Lochgilphead Joint Campus on the 18th, 19th and 20th June when artist Amy Neville taught the pupils from the Primary Support Class and S2 art pupils how to make art from wool. The workshops took place as part of the Vision Mechanics project which Kilmartin House Museum’s education team is facilitating in Argyll.

Class teacher Lisa Cinnamond said it had been a fantastic experience for the children and those in the support class had enjoyed the hands on, tactile nature of the workshops. As well as learning a new artistic skill, pupils were able to discover which insect species can be found buzzing around at the SNH Moine Mhor nature reserve, watched over by the Giants.

Amy showed pupils how to use wool and water to create a colourful summer backdrop and a range of insects using the felting process. Ladybirds, purple hairstreak butterflies, marsh fritillary caterpillars and golden ringed dragonflies are some of the fabulous creations which are now on display in the school.

Kate Moody
Kilmartin House Museum

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